Pricing in Curacao

4G Postpaid Data Plans for Smartphones


Whether you use a BlackBerryTM  or another data enabled handset, our postpaid data plans give you flexible choices to suit your data needs. You can use our Data Calculator to accurately estimate how much data you use.  Simply choose a plan based on estimated data usage to get the most value:

Price Naf Quota GB* Fair use policy (GB)**
4G BlackBerry Internet 49.00 unlimited
4G Data Bronze 49.00 1 5
4G Data Silver 59.00 3 7
4G Data Gold 69.00 4 8

4G Postpaid Data Plans for Mobile Broadband


Our mobile broadband data plans let you take your internet on the go using a USB modem or tablet computer.  If you are unsure of how much data you will need, please consult our Data Calculator before choosing a plan below:

Price Naf Quota GB* Fair use policy (GB)**
4G Internet Bronze 69.00 4 8
4G Internet Silver 99.00 8 10
4G Internet Gold 149.00 10 10
  * Overage charges = Naf 0.30 per MB
** After reaching the Fair use policy, the speed will be reduced to 128 kbps
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